Best Bowling Ball for Two Handers


  1. I’ve been bowling two-handed for a few years now and am looking to upgrade my equipment. What are your thoughts on the DV8 Trouble Maker for experienced bowlers?
    I have been using Motiv Venom Shock and Storm Phaze II balls. They work great but I would like to change things up in the near future. It would be great to completely change my bowling game.

    1. Of course! The DV8 Trouble Maker is an excellent choice, especially for bowlers with a medium rev rate. Its unique core design is specifically tailored for two-handers, providing great control and hook potential. I am sure it will surprise and delight you with the 500/2000 Siaair finish. It really makes for a different and memorable bowling game.

  2. I am an intermediate player. I recently switched to two-handed bowling due to a shoulder injury, and it’s been a game-changer. I’m currently using a Storm Phaze II but feel like I need something more aggressive. Any recommendations?

    1. If you’re looking for something more aggressive, the DV8 Trouble Maker or the Motiv Venom Shock are both excellent options. They offer great hook potential and control, which should help you take your game to the next level. Don’t forget to warm up properly to avoid injury. I recommend that you rest for a while to let your injury stabilize before returning to vigorous exercise with this sport.

  3. I’m a big fan of Jason Belmonte and have been trying to emulate his style. He’s cool. What type of coverstock would you recommend for a two-handed bowler looking to improve their hook? I think I’m suited to simple balls, not too advanced because I don’t spend much time on this sport!

    1. For two-handed bowlers looking to improve their hook, I recommend reactive resin coverstocks. They provide the most aggressive hook potential and are great for generating high rev rates. Ball like the Storm Phaze II are excellent choices. I remember Jason Belmonte also recommended this ball to everyone. It’s not too advanced but enough for you to practice and improve your skills after each play.

  4. I’ve been using a urethane ball for my two-handed bowling, but I’m not getting the hook I want. Should I switch to a reactive resin ball? My friends advise me a lot but I still haven’t decided to buy this ball. I happened to find your article very interesting and would like to consult your advice!

    1. Urethane balls are great for control but may not provide the hook potential you’re looking for. Switching to a reactive resin ball can significantly increase your hook potential and overall performance. Consider trying the Motiv Venom Shock or the Storm Phaze II for a more aggressive hook! But I still lean towards Motiv Venom Shock. I think it will suit your skills. You can refer to it for more information and consider it!

    2. I bought the Motiv Venom Shock here. Worth the money. After 2 months of bowling with the Motiv Venom Shock, I am more responsive on the lane, try it nowww, you will like it very much!

  5. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos on two-handed bowling and am excited to try it out. I bought Track Tundra Fire last month to try it out. It sounds very different but I found it fits my simple playstyle. Many people appreciate its symmetrical core. The manufacturer really did a great job. I only bowl once a week so it fits my needs. Not everything that is popular is suitable for us right?

    1. Wowww! When I first tried Track Tundra Fire, I was very surprised and immediately introduced it to many friends who play two-handed bowling. It looks very simple but it really enhances the ability to hook as well as the speed of rotation. Many people thanked me for discovering this interesting bowling ball.

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