best bowling ball for straight bowlers


  1. I’ve been using a plastic ball for spares. Should I use the same type of ball for my straight shots? My friends advised me to change but I’m quite confused about which type to choose!

    1. Using a plastic ball for both spares and straight shots is a common practice and works well for many bowlers. Plastic balls are designed to go straight, making them ideal for both purposes. If you’re comfortable with it, there’s no need to switch. When you want to change your ball type to upgrade your skills, you can refer to the balls I suggested above!

  2. I recommend everyone to buy Ebonite Fireball. I initially bought it for experience, without any specific view on it. But I received it last week and tried it, it is great. As the article mentioned, it is not suitable for heavy oil! It is a ball worth trying in 2024!

    1. Thanks for your positive review of the Ebonite Fireball. I also highly recommend this ball for straight bowlers. Its core design is really impressive, my friends also bought it after hearing my recommendation!

  3. I just ordered Storm Mix for bowling next week. I wonder if it will get to me in time? If not, I’ll have to play with my current ball. I need a ball for straight bowlers urgently! Hope you see my question!

    1. I just checked your order, tomorrow the shipping unit will start shipping your bowling balls. I am sure you will receive the goods promptly in the next 4 days. After receiving the Storm Mix ball, if you have any questions, please contact us immediately!

  4. I don’t have much experience with choosing bowling balls? Can you explain the difference between plastic and urethane balls for straight bowlers?

    1. Plastic balls, also known as polyester balls, are designed to go straight and are ideal for beginners and spare shooting. Urethane balls offer a bit more traction and control, making them suitable for bowlers who want a slight hook or need more grip on oily lanes. Both are good for straight bowlers, but urethane provides a bit more versatility!

  5. Wow great article, it came at the right time when I needed a bowling ball. I am impressed with Brunswick Rhino for its color and texture. I haven’t bought it yet but I have saved it because I will be getting a new bowling ball soon.

    1. The products above are my real experiences so you will find them special and somewhat attractive. I am continuing to update more products I have recently experienced so you have more choices.

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