best bowling ball for heavy oil


  1. The article appeared just when I needed it. I’ve been struggling with heavy oil lanes and your recommendations are really helpful. I’m thinking about getting the Hammer Black Widow Toxin Hybrid. Do you think it’s a good choice for a bowler with medium skill level?

    1. The Hammer Black Widow Toxin Hybrid is an excellent choice for heavy oil conditions, even for bowlers with medium skill levels. Its strong coverstock and core design will help you get a better grip on the lane. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you! I am sure you will be more confident when playing bowling ball with Hammer Black Widow Toxin Hybrid. This is also a ball highly appreciated by bowling players.

  2. Super helpful post! I’m new to bowling and didn’t realize how much the oil pattern affects the game. Luckily I read this article, otherwise I would have lost a lot of money investing in bowling balls without any results. I’m considering the Motiv Crimson Jackal. Is it beginner-friendly?

    1. The Motiv Crimson Jackal is a great ball for heavy oil, but it might be a bit advanced for a complete beginner. If you’re just starting out, you might want to consider a ball that’s a bit more forgiving. However, if you’re up for the challenge, it can definitely help you improve your game!

  3. I accidentally read this article last week and decided to buy the product to experience because I believe in your review. I’ve been using the Motiv Raptor Fury and it’s been a game-changer on heavy oil lanes. I owned the Motiv Crimson Jackal before so wanted to change the game with the Motiv Raptor Fury. My experience was very similar to the reviews. I have quite a bit of bowling experience so I found these two balls very simple.

    1. Motiv Raptor Fury is a powerful ball for heavy oil conditions. Listening to your sharing, I know you are a pretty good bowling player because these are two bowling balls that are quite challenging for beginners. Thanks for sharing your experience and for the positive feedback

  4. I was sent this article by a friend of mine for reference when I mentioned I wanted to buy a new bowling ball. It was great because I liked the Brunswick Intense Mindset and decided to buy it right away. I’ve been using the Brunswick Intense Mindset for a while now, and it’s been fantastic on heavy oil lanes.

    1. Yahhh! The Brunswick Intense Mindset is an excellent choice for heavy oil conditions, even for bowlers with medium skill levels. Its strong coverstock and core design will help you get a better grip on the lane. This is also the bowling ball that my friends voted a lot for the top position when playing on heavy oil lane.

  5. I have used Brunswick Intense Mindset and Roto Grip Gem on heavy oil. I found Brunswick Intense Mindset to have a slightly better glide and speed so I would recommend runswick Intense Mindset. However it can be quite difficult for some beginners to learn bowling. If you are intermediate or above then it is really worth a tryyy!

    1. Thanks for your detailed review of the Brunswick Intense Mindset and the Roto Grip Gem. It was great that you used both balls to make a good comparison. That’s why I put the Brunswick Intense Mindset at the top of this list. Since I’ve moved up to intermediate level, I’ve enjoyed the Brunswick Intense Mindset much more.

  6. As a beginner practicing on oily lanes, I used the Roto Grip Gem. My friends also commented that this is a bowling ball more suitable for beginners than intermediate level. Its structure is simple and the movement meets my simple wishes. I do not need advanced training and just play bowling for fun, so I found the Roto Grip Gem to be my true love.

    1. Omg! Your review is very similar to my experience with the Roto Grip Gem. I have been using it for a long time as I am not very demanding in a bowling ball. If my friends are new to bowling on the high-speed lane, I will recommend it to them too.

  7. I’ve been using a reactive resin ball but want to try something different. How does the Motiv Covert Tank compare to traditional urethane balls? My friend used to play it and recommended me to buy it for experience. Can I play it long term. I played quite well in the first days of practicing bowling!

    1. The Motiv Covert Tank offers a unique blend of characteristics from both urethane and reactive resin balls. Its Frixion Microcell Polymer coverstock provides more hook potential and continuation than traditional urethane, while still offering the control and predictability urethane is known for. It’s not too advanced and not too simple so if you’re just moving from beginner to intermediate I highly recommend it.

  8. The MOTIV Jackal Ghost is an absolute beast. The mid-lane read and strong finish are exactly what I needed to take my game to the next level! At first I was quite confused with it because I just moved to intermediate level. Now I am used to it and feel very excited. It is not too difficult to play as many people commented.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! The MOTIV Jackal Ghost is known for its strong mid-lane read and powerful finish. It’s great to hear that it’s performing well for you. In fact, it is not as difficult to play as many people commented, it is very suitable for intermediate players who want to upgrade their level even higher. If you persist in playing with it for 3 – 4 months, you will feel the change in your skills.

  9. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a genuine review and experience sharing article. I’ll share it with my friends and invite them to buy some balls together. I’m quite fond of bowling so I want to change some of the current products in my house.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and research the products at The above shares are my real experiences and as you can see I always take photos of product feedback so that everyone can visualize its appearance more clearly.

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