Best Bowling Ball for a Stroker


  1. What’s the best bowling ball for a stroker who likes to play up the 5th board?

      1. I’ve heard good things about the Hy-Road, but I’m also considering the Motiv Venom Shock. Any thoughts on that?

        1. The Venom Shock is a great choice too! It’s got a strong mid-lane read and a smooth backend, which is perfect for strokers who need consistency

          1. I’ve been loving my Roto Grip Idol Pearl lately. It’s been giving me a nice, smooth roll. Anyone else tried it?

          2. Yeah, the Idol Pearl is fantastic for strokers. It’s super smooth and predictable, which is great for controlling the lane. I’ve had some of my best games with it.

  2. I’ve been using the Brunswick Rhino for a while now, and it’s perfect for my stroker style

  3. For strokers, a ball with a lower RG and a solid coverstock can help generate more hook and power.

  4. Pattern Walsh, u should try the Motiv Venom Shock if you’re looking for a ball with a strong mid-lane read

  5. After switching to the Storm Phaze II, my scores have improved significantly. It’s a beast on medium oil!!!!!!

  6. For strokers, the Columbia 300 Chaos Black provides a smooth and predictable roll, which is crucial for consistent scoring

  7. Has anyone tried the Ebonite Verdict Pearl? I’ve heard it’s good for strokers but haven’t seen much feedback

    1. I’ve thrown the Verdict Pearl a few times. It’s got a nice balance of control and power, and it’s pretty forgiving on different oil patterns. Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something new

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